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 Millsberry 500 Guide

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PostSubject: Millsberry 500 Guide   Sun Mar 22, 2009 12:55 am

Hey guys!

It seems some are having a bit of trouble with the new Millsberry 500 game. I figured being I have actually achieved getting the trophy that I would make a little tips guide.

I hope this is helpful to some!



Track Laps And Times:

First Track:

Laps: 3
Time Limit: 0:40

Second Track:

Laps: 3
Time Limit: 0:55

Third Track:

Laps: 3
Time Limit: 1:10

Obtainable Items:

* Checkered Flag
* Colhurst Super Speedway Rug
* Driver's Seat Lounge Chair
* Driver's Uniform with Helmet
* King's Hill Motor Speedway Rug
* Millsberry 500 Rug
* Millsberry 500 T-shirt
* Millsberry 500 Trophy
* Race Car Wall Decal
* Racing Car Bed
* Racing Hat
* Racing Jacket
* Racing Tire Ottoman
* Signed Clint Bowyer Poster
* Tool Box Couch

General Tips:

~ If you cut corners to a large extent, it will make it so your lap does not count. I believe this is one issue a lot of people are having when trying to complete a specific track. If this is the case with you, try taking the turns a bit slower. It will knock a few seconds off your end time, but it's better to have a lower end time than to not complete it at all. Wink

~ Hitting the cars in front of you is a big pain! If you hit one, I am sure you will end up hitting the other two as well - Or at least that is what happens to me. What I do to try and avoid hitting the cars in front of me is watching their moves. When they turn, do they go more towards the inside or outside of the track? That alone will let you know when it's safe to pass them without being hit.

~ Learn the path of the tracks. This helps a bunch, specially on the third track. Once you play a few times you will get the gist of when a turn will come up, which in the end will give you a better end time - Which leads to more Millsbucks and possibly a shiny trophy!

~ Keep trying! This game may get your frustrating, but you can't expect to be perfect on your first try.

How To Pass All Three Tracks:

First Track:

~ While it's counting down, keep holding down the up arrow (Accelerate).

~ Try and keep to the inside of the track. I have noticed the cars, while
making a turn, tend to roam off to the far end of the track. Keeping to
the inside will allow you to pass the cars making it easier to make
your laps (You don't have to keep bumping into cars in front of you).

~ Hold down the up arrow the entire time. I never let up on it, even
around turns. If you keep to the inside like I mentioned above, you
will not go over the lines. The only time you may is if you hit a car,
which is a big pain!

Second Track:

~ While it's counting down, keep holding down the up arrow.

~ There are a lot of tricky turns on this track, but it is very possible
to do. I tend to keep the up arrow pushed down through most of the
laps. The only time I let up on it is around that one very sharp turn,
kind of similar to a "V" in the sense that it has a sharp point.
When you come up to this turn lay off the up key and only push down on
it if your car is going too slow. Once you pass this turn, hit down on
that up key once again.

Third Track:

~ I never really look at the track itself. I keep an eye on the lines
along the side and a bit ahead of me where it starts to fade into the
darkness. This makes it easier for me to know when a turn is coming up,
and when I need to let off on the up key.

~ For this track I lay
off the up key a lot. It's very hard to do without cutting the track.

~ Don't worry
about passing the cars. You can pass the third track even if you stay
behind them. Actually, staying behind them is better because instead of
try to pay attention to them you can pay attention to the track itself,
which is important on this one.

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PostSubject: Re: Millsberry 500 Guide   Thu May 07, 2009 7:09 pm

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Millsberry 500 Guide
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